December used to be full of parties and celebrations. Depending on where you are located this might be the same this year – or there might be some change.  2020 has provided us with plenty of ‘firsts’ and change – as a small business owner you might be on the ‘flat out’ side of the coin or the ‘slowing down’ side—or somewhere inbetween.  Make sure you get to celebrate and relax at some stage as it has been a big year and being in small business is hard work—being the boss with all responsibility can be wearing.

What do you need to put in place to make sure you get to relax and celebrate?

Does it mean you have to work long hours in the lead up to Christmas then take a well-earned rest?

Does it mean that you can slow down in December ready to hit the ground running in January?

Make the time now to review and plan for the next few weeks.

I love the water tank story—if you have an empty tank, you can’t take any more out until you top it up—same with small business owners. If you run your tank down, plan to top it up. A full tank can be shared and enjoyed by many. An empty tank can also be filled up by asking for help—if you need to put measures in place to get support over December & January, make plans early. Get Sorted. with help at home, help at work and, ideally, lots of play!

Clare Fountain