2020 is an opportunity for your business to do Christmas differently – both with your customers and your team.

Here are 5 Top Tips that will help you plan for Christmas:

  1. Celebrations
    They might look different this year depending on where you live but I anticipate office parties might not be OK.  What will you do instead?  Maybe diverting the budget to support local businesses and buy hampers / gift cards and more experience based gifts.  Organise a walk with the team so you can maintain social distance, a picnic in the park.  There are lots of options – you might just need to be creative in how you can be COVID responsible and still say thank you!
  2. Operating Hours
    What will your hours of operation be?
    Have you communicated your opening and closing hours to your key clients and suppliers?
    What are the costs involved with being open for longer? Have they been included in the budget?
  3. Team and Training
    Make sure they know what they are doing by providing clear and effective instructions (this can be simple checklists for them to follow). Set up rosters to cover holidays and line up back up staff for the busy times.
  4. Client Communication
    December is a wonderful opportunity to communicate with your clients, organise a message, card or a gift that will stand out from the rest – don’t leave it to the last minute – if you haven’t already done so, plan it now.
  5. Learn and Improve
    Finally, learn from this year’s experiences so you can improve next year. Start a document ‘How to make December Boom’ and add to it throughout the month and when you return in the New Year.

…and to make sure you put some self-preservation strategies in place – saying no is the best one!  We will all benefit from some down time this summer.

Clare Fountain