Work through this quarterly review check list of suggested topics;

  • Personal check in – R U going OK?  Take care and make time for yourself.
  • 12-month plan check in – review your plans for the year ahead – are they still relevant?  What needs tweaking?
  • Budget vs actual reporting – keeping track of your numbers is key when the market is so changeable.
  • Marketing leads and sales stats – you might find your customer base changing so keep in touch with people’s current needs and aspirations.
  • Savings for liabilities – if you have some spare cash have a think about how to best use it.
  • Risk review – key for 2021 as with so many changes comes both opportunity but also risk.  Take time to review your risks and how you plan to manage them.
  • Clear focus for the next quarter – Review your long term goals and set your focus for the next 3 months – what are you top 3 priorities?
  • Systems check in – Stop and think – what could you be doing better to save time and be more efficient?

Clare Fountain