The summer break is a great time to relax, recharge and if possible, make the time to reflect on the last calendar year. How did it go both personally and professionally? What worked? What did you learn? (An optimistic way of saying what didn’t work!) What areas are there for improvement? Do you need to revisit your non-negotiables? Or maybe book into one of our Sorted. webinars?

Hit the ground running after the summer break: start with a clear plan for the next 12 months. Block out half a day to sit and plan your year ahead. Check in against your ‘in 15 years’ plan.

Small Business Check In previous quarter review—work through our quarterly review check list of areas to cover:

  • Personal check in
  • 12-month plan check in
  • Budget vs actual reporting
  • Marketing leads and sales stats
  • Savings for liabilities
  • Risk review
  • Clear focus for the next quarter
  • Systems check in