The summer break is a great time to relax, recharge and if possible, make the time to reflect on the last calendar year – WHAT A YEAR!!!

How did it go both personally and professionally?

What, that was within your control, worked?

What did you learn? (An optimistic way of saying what didn’t work!)

What areas are there for improvement?

Do you need to revisit your non-negotiables?

It has been a year like no other and one that we hope is not repeated any time soon so making time to reflect and review can be helpful for your mental health and resilience building.

Do you want to hit the ground running after the summer break: start with a clear plan for the next 12 months? Block out half a day to sit and plan your year ahead. Check in against your ‘in 15 year’ plan.

Small Business Check In —work through our Sorted. check list;

  • Personal check in – how are you travelling?
  • 12-month plan check in – looking back and looking forwards
  • Budget vs actual reporting – how did it go and what are your targets for this year?
  • Marketing leads and sales stats – what do you need to focus on for this year?
  • Savings for liabilities – is there enough in the bank?
  • Risk review – what has changed and what might the risks be that you need to plan for?
  • Clear focus for the next quarter – what are your goals and actions to make them happen?
  • Systems check in – what needs to be updated or upgraded?

Add your own points that are relevant to your business and enjoy being organised as you roll into January!

Clare Fountain