The last thing you want to experience is an IT failure, especially when you are busy. This month, take some time to reflect and review your IT systems. Is your small business protected from being hacked, data corruption or data loss? What measures can you put in place to reduce the risk of it happening?

Using technology and innovation to improve service for Sorted. clients

As a professional service provider, Sorted. has adopted the following approach to embrace technology and bring innovation to the way we work with our clients.

Online tools

We provide online training via webinars—this removes the need to travel, and supports regional and remote participants.

We use cloud-based:

  • Meeting software to work with intrastate, interstate and international clients and therefore remove travel costs
  • Ticketing for webinars and events
  • Payment systems
  • Database system
  • Accounting system
  • Document management system
  • Resource management system
  • Team-wide email and office software

In the future, we will be providing online booking for consultation services.

The above cloud-based systems support innovation with our clients, as we are often their first experience of using cloud-based meeting and webinar software.

We also support our clients accessing innovation through the establishment and ongoing active contribution towards Synergize Hub; a co-working space for change-makers who are pushing the boundaries within their fields of expertise.