“Clare is a very impressive facilitator. Not only did she make sure that everyone’s ideas and voice were heard but also managed to keep to time and everyone focused so we ended with a draft strategic plan that everyone was very happy with all within the same session. “

Guiding and supporting the collective wisdom in the room towards desired outcomes.

With over 20 years’ experience as a facilitator regionally, nationally and internationally, Clare has a particular ‘knack’ for quickly and methodically understanding common threads and objectives for measurable and successful results on the following topics:

  • Strategic planning – creating a one-page strategic plan
  • Business planning – creating clarity and focus for a business to set and reach its goals
  • Supporting groups to collaborate – bringing together ideas to form a clear pathway
  • Systems reviews – supporting a team to review and process improve what they do, together
  • Stakeholder engagement – bringing stakeholders together to create engagement and clarity around working together towards a shared outcome
  • Project planning – confirming the who, what, when and how to get things done

Clare has particular insight into a range of organisational structures, including:

  • Micro, small and medium businesses
  • NFP and community sector organisations
  • Co-operatives

Clare has successfully led multiple boards and teams through her Strategic and Business Planning process.

She brings regional experience and knowledge combined with creative facilitation techniques that work to bring out a group’s collective wisdom.

Clare then leads the group to translate their wisdom into clear and effective strategies for moving forward.

Her first-hand experience of being a board member of a number of not for profit organisations also ensures that the balance between aspiration and resource reality is maintained.

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