“I only wished I had been the recipient of Clare’s workshop many years ago as it would have been most helpful whilst I was bringing up 4 children and trying to run my own business and get involved in the local community.”

Professional development for small business owners: Work out where your business is heading and how you can get there, finding clarity, time and work/life balance.

Working with experienced Small Business Consultant, Clare Fountain, you create an easy-to-follow, one-page roadmap, tailored specifically for you and your business. No cookie-cutter approach or one-size-fits-all remedy to be found here. Clare works with YOU and YOUR business.

The Sorted. Small Business Plan is a follow on from the Sorted. Small Business Check In: first learn small business basics, then delve deeper into your business to create a Sorted. Small Business Plan. You’ll create a detailed roadmap for your business and build a model for future success.

The Sorted. Small Business Plan provides:

  • The opportunity to create an action plan to resolve any weaknesses or gaps, before they become issues
  • A sounding board for business owners to build a solid foundation for success
  • Insight on how your business is performing and how your business compares with others
  • Space to articulate specific business goals and set the direction of your business

In the Sorted. Small Business Plan you will create a plan of action for each of the following 6 key areas of business:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Team
  • YOU (leadership/work/life balance)


  • Small, medium (and micro) business owners
  • Start-ups or if you have a new business idea and want a clear plan to make it happen
  • Taking the outcomes of your Sorted. Small Business Check In session and creating a plan for business success

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