Be inspired, motivated and educated to feel in control, get more done in less time and get results.

“Having finally pulled my head out of the sand to face the unknown mysterious world of business budgets, Clare provided me with the essential business tools for working out and understanding my business numbers. The tools Clare provided me with demystified the process and made it simple to understand and enabled me to finally take control of my budget and future growth potential of my business. Thank you Clare for your support, encouragement and friendly advice.“

These are interactive, practical webinars for small business owners. Numbers are capped at 20 people to ensure all questions can be asked and answered, live. Webinar software is easy to use and can include ‘break-out’ sessions.

Book a one-off webinar or choose to attend the full Sorted. Webinar series for small business, which includes access to one-on-one mentoring.


  • Sorted. Small Business Check In: everything you need to know to run a successful business and to manage your business more efficiently
  • Sorted. Small Business Plan: Professional development for small business owners: Work out where your business is heading and how you can get there, finding clarity, time and work/life balance.
  • Sorted. Time: banish chaos and make the best use of your time, with strategies and structures for better efficiency and higher productivity
  • Sorted. Meetings: how to organise meetings that make the most out of the available time and opportunities


  • No need for travel
  • Everything is online
  • Sessions are recorded for later access
  • Attend from the comfort of your home or office
  • Wear what you want! (But do wear something – sometimes we turn cameras on!)

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