Sorted partners with businesses, organisations and community groups to support them to be successful.

Sorted provides access to straightforward, practical and achievable solutions to make your business sustainable, successful and able to operate without you; giving you freedom of choice.

At Sorted, we offer workshops, webinars, consultancy sessions, facilitation and mentoring to help our clients operate more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

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What to consider for the end of the financial year

In this article, Trish Anderson from Anderson Tax Solutions shares her tips for the end of the financial year. Another financial year is rolling around – what a year this


This was the BEST training that I have been to in many years, it was simple, effective but empowering, I walked in with confusion and walk out with simplicity. Thank you SO MUCH.

Sorted. Strategic Planning Masterclass Program

What I loved most about Clare was her genuine love and passion for business. You can’t fake that sincerity and enthusiasm.

Sorted. Small Business Action Plan Program

Doing the Strategic Planning Masterclass allowed the [organisation] to systematically prioritise our goals. This allows us to operate more like an organisation rather than a group of volunteers completing a community project.

Sorted. Strategic Planning Masterclass Program

Clare understands my business and our people, so I know that we’ll get to where we need to get to quicker, and with a deeper level of understanding.

Sorted. Client

Sorted are always professional and easy to work with. Clare understood our needs, designed and delivered the workshop in a fun and engaging manner. The workshop has delivered real benefits and our people are now able to work more effectively.

Sorted. Strategic Planning Masterclass Program

Before I did the course I felt not at all confident – I was just in a muddle, this is a fabulous outcome.

Sorted. Small Business Action Plan Program

I feel very stable and ready to expand a little. It was extremely helpful to look thoroughly at how viable my business is.

Sorted. Small Business Action Plan Program

Clare proved a real asset in a recent nationwide series of workshops for doctors that we co-facilitated. Her coaching skills allowed her to challenge deeply ingrained attitudes in a thoughtful, respectful manner that proved very effective in giving these doctors insight to patients’ experience of medical treatment. Clare was able to provide an authentic patient voice that was simultaneously well-informed and sincere.

Despite the often highly charged emotional content of the workshops, Clare remained professional and outcomes-focused throughout. I would highly recommend her.

Prof Steve Trumble, Department Head of Medical Education Melbourne Medical School, University of Melbourne

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